Lockerbie 'chantaje' Ghadafi bomber

Lockerbie 'chantaje' Ghadafi bomber

(NewsCore) - BENGHAZI, Libya - Lockerbie bomber Abdel Baset the Megrahi blackmailed Colonel Moamar Ghadafi to secure his release from a Scottish jail, a former Libyan legislator senior said on Sunday.

Threatened Megrahi get "revenge" and "spill beans" about Ghadafi involvement in bombing if not was "rescued" from jail, former Justice Minister of Libya Mustapha Abdeljalil said in an interview with the British newspaper The Sunday Times.

Abdeljalil said Megrahi threat led Ghadafi set up a £ 50,000 ($80,000) a Fund of the month to spend on lobbying costs and legal in the struggle for the liberation of the convicted bomber.

The former Minister of Justice stated that Megrahi warned Ghadafi, "If no rescue me, will reveal everything." "If not secure my return home, will reveal everything."

Abdeljalil quit his job as Minister of Justice of Libya, as the country precipitated the chaos of a popular uprising against the Ghadafi. He spoke from the city of Benghazi Libya, where he was established a provisional Government fell the current regime.

The former legislator said ghadafi ordered Megrahi to carry out the bombing of Pan Am 103 flight while flying over the Scottish town of Lockerbie in December 1988, killing 270 people – mostly American.

Megrahi was convicted of murder during the bombing and sentenced to life in a Scottish prison.

But the threat to reveal the Ghadafi participation with Libyan leader ensure his release in August 2009 for compassionate reasons because he was suffering from cancer. Megrahi is still alive, in spite of the claims at the time of its release which had just months to live.

"[Ghadafi and his staff] were dedicated to ensure that Megrahi should return Libya, even if it costs them every penny had." It cost Libya £ 50,000 a month to his legal team and members of the family visits and living expenses, "Abdeljalil said, adding that it spends up to 1.3 million pounds in the case."

Susan Cohen, 72, New Jersey, who lost his daughter's 20-year-old Theodora in the bombing, said, "this adds weight to what I have always known - Ghadafi was behind all the time." "The irony is, Megrahi could be returned to prison in Scotland, and the irony is that even he could survive Ghadafi."


Ghadafi control slides more

Ghadafi control slides more

(NewsCore) - to the ZAWIYAH, Libya - Libyan leader grip of Colonel Moamar Ghadafi country weakened even more Sunday after confirmation that the rebels took control of the city to Zawiyah, 30 miles west of the capital Trípoli.

The anti-Government forces in control of the coastal city of standing in tanks and firing shots holding, Sky News reported from the scene.

There were also reports that burned several buildings and vehicles in the city.

Ghadafi companions took international journalists to the city to test the strong man was still in control - but it seemed hard-liner was aware of lifting organizers claimed the city as soon as Thursday after fierce fighting between protesters and Libyan troops.

At least two Libyan troops were prisoners for the rebels, who said that they were planning to release at a later date.

Strategic victory means that anti-Government forces have a point of support to 40 minutes of Tripoli, where Ghadafi clings to power four decades of Government.

But I still had control of the country's air force hindering an assault of the Earth by the rebels, according to Sky News.

In other developments, Britain revoked the diplomatic immunity of Ghadafi and their family members, Secretary of Foreign Affairs William Hague said on Sunday. United States revoking visas for senior officials of the Libyan Government on Saturday.

It has also called Ghadafi to resign in an interview with the BBC. That call us followed President Barack Obama comments urging Ghadafi to resign "now" means increasing fears that its oscillating Government could fall in the civil war.

UN Security Council imposed a ban on travel and the Ghadafi regime assets and ordered an investigation into possible crimes against humanity by the strong man of Libya, the first time that the decision was made unanimously.

Full conflict as loyalists mounted fears a desperate rearguard prompted a number of countries to evacuate to tens of thousands of citizens and close embassies for shootings escape, looting and food shortages, according to AFP.

Former Justice Minister Mustapha Abdeljalil said that he was forming a transitional Government to replace the system decrépitos Ghadafi who now controls only some western areas around the capital and a few strongholds for a long time in the arid South, reporters and witnesses said.

Residents of the capital that Trípoli said banks were open but that bread and gasoline remained strictly rationed as it grip the rebels over large swaths of the vast desert nation played havoc with the distribution of basic goods.

The UN refugee agency said that nearly 100,000 people, mostly foreign migrants fled to Libya last week.

The British Government that previously faced criticism about its plans for the disposal, use command units to rescue 150 civilians on a daring mission to spend the night in the Libya desert. Dozens of workers trapped in remote locations of oil were making his way back to Britain Sunday after being airlifted by two aircraft Hercules of the Royal Air Force runways to South of the city of Benghazi to Malta. Flights to take them to the United Kingdom were scheduled for 3: 00 pm and 6: 00 pm local time on Sunday, according to Sky News.

In the capital, the Libyan authorities sent text messages urging families to accept an offer, announced on Friday at the State television, of a fact sheet about 400 $ per family.

"This is only for Trípoli - who are trying to bribe people," said a resident.

Tanks and deporte-utilidad vehicles driven by partisan pro - regime they patrolled neighborhoods almost deserted the city, told the residents.

Russia also put pressure on the regime of Libya, with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov saying that Libya counterpart Musa Kusa Moscow condemns the unacceptable use of force against civilians. Catherine Ashton, the EU top diplomat warned of "consequences" for Ghadafi and said that violations of human rights in the country "stop now".

Abdeljalil said that a new administration include the commanders of the regular army, many of whom they deserted and pave the way for elections within three months.

"Our national Government has military and civilian personalities." Will lead for no more than three months and then be fair elections, and the people will elect their leader, "Abdeljalil said in the eastern city to el Baida, a bastion of the opposition."

It was not immediately clear if other cities released alone coordinated the transfer with Abdeljalil, who resigned on Monday to protest the most deadly suppression of opposition protesters.

Son of Ghadhafi, Saif al-Islam - once considered a possible heir - reformer said that the crisis "opened the door to a civil war".

In Washington, Obama told Ghadafi "leave now," having lost legitimacy to govern. It was even more direct demand of the President of the United States.UU. and Angela Merkel, German was coordinated in a telephone conversation with Chancellor said the White House.

The United Nations said that more than 1,000 people were already

dead in the repression by loyalists Ghadafi.


Allsopp�s Twitter Attack on Bien Sparks Fury

Allsopp�s Twitter Attack on Bien Sparks Fury

"Offering loans of £5,000 to £100,000, our typical APR is 15.9%. Rates may vary from 10.9% to 29.9% subject to status."


Bahrain opposition lawmakers resign

Bahrain opposition lawmakers resign

(NewsCore) - MANAMA, Bahrain - eighteen legislators Bahrain from opposition to Wefaq Shiite bloc officially presented his letter of resignation on Sunday to protest the killing of protesters at risk.

Seven people were killed by security forces on anti-Government demonstrations course began on 14 February.

"Are no longer affiliated with the Council, which did not lift a finger of these massacres," read the letter signed by 18 lawmakers.

18 The Wefaq legislators or the Islamic Association of national agreement constitute the single bloc in Parliament, which last week announced it was to quit Parliament.

"We officially presented the letter of resignation [Sunday]," said Khalil Marzouk, one of 18 lawmakers. Other two officials of Wefaq Ali the Aswad and Mattar Mattar, confirmed the announcement.

Mattar said that the head of Parliament now report on waivers and submit to Parliament, which must accept or reject them.

If the Parliament accepted the resignations, within two months "there will be by-elections, only for the electoral districts became empty," said Mattar, adding that if you do not accept waivers, "Parliament continues its work with those numbers with the 22 [other] members."

Mattar said Parliament could not accept waivers, but "our view is that Parliament would lose its legitimacy to abandon".

Bahrain, official opposition groups targeted by Wefaq, left of demanding absolute winner regime instead change, asking important - reforms including a Prime Minister elected and the creation of a "real" constitutional monarchy.

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Home fire kills three, including the child

Home fire kills three, including the child

PHILADELPHIA - fire officials say a blaze in the early morning in North Philadelphia has killed three people, including a child.

Authorities say that the fire in a house in West Street Seltzer 2706 reported at 3: 16 AM flames declared under control 20 minutes later.

Officials say the three victims were taken to the Hospital of Temple University, where declared dead. Some surrounding housing residents were displaced.

Firefighters say there were two smoke detectors in the home, but one had no battery and the other had a dead battery.

Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers told reporters on the scene in which flames seemed have started in the kitchen. The cause is still under investigation.


He resigned Prime Minister Tunisia

He resigned Prime Minister Tunisia

(NewsCore) - Tunisia - Tunisian Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi announced his resignation on Sunday, as security forces clashed with demonstrators calling for the Elimination of some Government Ministers interim.

"I have decided to quit as Prime Minister," Ghannouchi told a Conference of State television news saying he thought carefully before making the decision, which was supported by his family. "No I'm running out of responsibility." This is to open the way for a new Prime Minister. "I am not prepared to be the person who makes decisions that were causing casualties".

As a member of the Government of ousted President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was a particular objective of discontent of the protesters. The largest of several demonstrations against the Transitional Authority, about 100,000 demonstrators marched through main avenue capital of the Friday shouting slogans, including some against Ghannouchi.

"This resignation will serve Tunisia and revolution and the future of Tunisia", he added.

Amidst the Friday riots, the interim Government said it would be held elections in July, but it did little to curb the wrath of the protesters.

The previous Sunday, security forces and anti-government protesters clashed in the capital of Tunisia, with the police firing tear gas and warning shots in young stones for a third day of violence.

Security forces have taken steps to stop the demonstrators, who were chanting anti-Government slogans, you arrive at the Ministry of the interior. Rampaging youth threw rocks in buildings to break Windows and it threw up barricades to prevent police who could not disperse them with tear gas and warning shots.

Three people were killed and about a dozen injured on Saturday when a protest against the Tunisia Government turned violent as riot police and masked police dressed in civilian fired warning shots and tear-gas hundreds of demonstrators. More than 100 people were arrested after riots on Saturday, after 88 arrests after the Friday demonstration.

Ben Ali regime was expelled on January 14, following widespread protests.

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Hundreds protest Lebanese Government system

Hundreds protest Lebanese Government system

(NewsCore) - BEIRUT, Lebanon - hundreds of people marched on Sunday in Beirut to demand the end based on the religion of Lebanon governance, mobilized by an appeal published on Facebook.

"The revolution is everywhere..." Lebanon, is your turn, song protesters, most of them young people, in reference to popular uprisings started Purring regimes in the Arab world in January.

Lebanon government system has its roots in a 1943 power-sharing agreement in religious lines was adopted after the country gained its independence from France. Aimed at maintaining a balance between 18 religious groups, requests that the President be a Maronite Christian, the first Minister a Sunni Muslim and the President of the Parliament a Shi'a Muslim.

Other government jobs are assigned in accordance with their religious affiliation.

The provision of power-sharing was blamed for most of the country's problems in decades - including corruption, cronyism and, above all, the devastating civil war from 1975 to 1990 and its subsequent crisis.

Echoing the protesters who braved torrential rains March on the main courthouse, chanted, "people want to overthrow the regime-" the battle cry that toppled leaders veterans at Tunisia and Egypt.

More than 2,600 Facebook users signed up to participate in the rally, but wet weather had apparently dissuaded a significant portion of them.

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First time buyers looking at a year’s salary for deposit

First time buyers looking at a year’s salary for deposit

Before the global credit crisis made its way to the UK many first time buyers were blessed with the ability to be able to get not only a mortgage with ease but also a mortgage that did not require any deposit. In fact, many first time buyers were able to get a mortgage for more than the value of the home that they were buying, giving them enough cash left over to furnish or renovate the property.

However, over the past few years this has all changed, and first time buyers have found themselves in an increasingly difficult position, leaving many of them unable to consider getting onto the property market. Whist property prices may have come down they are still high enough to keep the average first time buyer off that first rung of the property ladder. Mortgages have become increasingly difficult to come by, as lenders exercise increased caution over who they are prepared to grant loans to. When it comes to deposits first time buyers have well and truly found themselves in a difficult position, with lenders demanding a large percentage by way of a deposit to consider the buyer for a mortgage.

In fact, the level of deposit has soared over recent years, and this is one of the main reasons why so many first time buyers are struggling to get onto the property ladder. In 2007, prior to the onset of the global financial crisis, the average deposit required by a first time buyer was £12700. However, this has now soared to £31,500, which means that the average first time buyers will need significantly more than a year’s salary to be able to put down a deposit.

The government is calling on various housing and lending bodies to help first time buyers, and the Housing Minister Grant Shapps has met with various bodies to discuss the problems that now face first time buyers. It is thought that around 1.4 million households are keen to own their own property but are affected by the squeeze on mortgages. Shapps spent time discussing issues such as new products that may be able to help first time buyers, specialist insurance for lenders, and shared equity schemes for first time buyers.

Shapps said: “I do not want to see the current generation completely locked out of the market. The pendulum has swung too far the other way, where even if you have a good salary and save to get a deposit, you still cannot get a deposit.”

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Negative equity from 110 per cent mortgagesSo-called '110 per cent' mortgages, which do not require an initial deposit from holders, are becoming an increasingly popular option among home buyers, with house prices in the UK growing fast.First-time buyers in particular, who Are you hoping to get onto the property ladder this year?Over the past couple of years first time buyers have been hit with a whole new problem. Following years of lack of affordability because of the sky high value of properties many first time buyers More lenders starting to look at lower depositsOver the past couple of years things have been very difficult for first time buyers, and one of the things that has really affected the abilities of first time buyers to get onto the property Low deposit mortgage numbers fallIndustry officials have reported that there has been a fall in the number of low deposit mortgages that are still on the market. This could cause huge problems for potential first time buyers, many of Boost your chances of getting a mortgage as a first time buyerAs many people are already aware getting a mortgage can be difficult for anyone these days, with the banks exercising extreme caution over who they lend to and putting a range of restrictions in place Some people may never own their own homeAccording to recent reports future homebuyers could face house prices that are up to ten times the amount of their salaries, which means that many of today's younger people could face the prospect of never First-time buyers turn to families for helpFirst-time buyers are increasingly being forced to ask family members for help in raising a deposit as the mortgage market tightens under the global credit crunch. Abbey National became the last major lender to withdraw from Why first time buyers could benefit from shared ownershipBuying a property has become an almost impossible feat for many first time buyers in the UK these days, not least because getting a mortgage loan has become so difficult. Whilst property prices have fallen


Consumers try to avoid High Street debt

Consumers try to avoid High Street debt

In the current difficult climate there are many people that are looking for ways to cut back on their outgoings. For many this has meant cutting back on their spending and reducing their debt levels. His desperation to avoid debt was reflected in recent figures that showed there had been a drop in High Street store card borrowing and High Street finance for the month of November.

November is normally a busy time when it comes to spending on store cards and store finance, as many people are purchasing gifts for their loved ones for Christmas. Whilst in the past people may have signed up for store cards or taken out store finance to purchases these goods, a shift in attitude brought about by the challenging financial climate has resulted in fewer people spending on store cards or taking out store finance to make purchases.

Figures have shown that during the month of November last year the level of lending on store cards plummeted by 25 percent compared to the same period in the previous year. Just £202 was advanced on store cards during the month. Instore instalment finance levels also fell, with an 11 percent drop in the level of store finance compared to the same period a year earlier.

However, whilst store borrowing definitely took a big hit in the month of November there was an increase in the number of personal loans that were taken out by consumers. The figures were released by the Finance and Leasing Association, and showed that borrowing through personal loans increased by around 34 percent over the course of the month.

The report also showed that the largest source of advances was credit cards, which came as no surprise to most people. Whilst credit card lending for November remained was flat in November year in year it was still the source of £2.71 billion worth of lending.

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Consumers advised to focus on debts for New YearIndustry experts are advising consumers to focus on their debt issues once the New Year comes around in order to avoid having to spend another year struggling with their finances, particularly given that the economy Chiltern: Men heavier in debt than womenMen trying to get their finances under control are further in debt than their female counterparts.According to research by Chiltern Debt Management, men have 20 per cent more debt than women and are less able ‘Tis the season to avoid store cardsAs Christmas continued to get nearer and nearer experts have been warning consumers across the UK to avoid the temptation as taking out a store card, as this could lead to high levels of debt Warning for women over store cardsChristmas is fast approaching and many High Street retailers will have geared up to try and get women to take out store cards when they go into the shop to buy an outfit for the Debt becomes ‘norm’ for BritsGetting into debt is now accepted as normal and in many cases necessary, an industry expert has said.Alastair Mathews, director of policy educational charity pfeg, explained that if people wish to go to university or Some Brits could be in debt all of their livesA recent report has highlighted how many consumers in the UK could be facing lifelong debts that will be with them for many decades as a result of high debt levels and low income. Research Student debt rises againStudent debt levels are being ramped up still further, a worrying new survey claims today.Run in conjunction with high street bank Lloyds TSB, the Push annual survey says that those who started at university last Will you be shopping or saving this Christmas?The turmoil that has hit the financial markets over the past year have affected many of us in a number of ways, and tighter credit conditions coupled with soaring inflation, rocketing bills and petrol costs,


Rising unemployment sparks debt fears

Rising unemployment sparks debt fears

Increases in unemployment levels seen in the final quarter of last year have sparked concerns about rising repossessions and spiralling debt problems according to recent reports. Personal debt levels in the UK have been causing concern for the past few years, with the recession, global credit crisis, and difficult financial climate highlighting the debt problems that many people were experiencing.                                                                     

It has been revealed recently that the level of unemployment in the UK soared in the last three months of last year, with the figure increasing by 44,000 taking the total number of unemployed to nearly 2.5 million. Many of those affected by unemployment are younger people. Concerns have now increased with regards to how the rising level of unemployment will affect people that have debts that they are already struggling with and those that have a mortgage to pay.

In addition to this the strong possibility of interest rate rises this year will also impact upon the ability of consumers to pay both their mortgages or rent and their other debts such as credit cards, loans, and other forms of finance. It is thought that the base interest rate, which has been at an all time low of just 0.5 percent for the past twenty two months, will soon have to increase in order to curb spiralling inflation, which is at twice the target level set by the government.

The government has acknowledged that the level of unemployment soared in the latter part of 2010 but claims that it has now started to improve again. Chris Grayling, the Employment Minister, stated: “We’ve got a long way to go and I want to see these figures start to come down, but certainly the evidence is over the past month things have settled down and we are not seeing the increases we saw earlier in the last quarter.”

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Citizen’s Advice reports on rising debt issuesOfficials from Citizen's Advice Scotland have recently commented on the rising issues relating to debt amongst consumers that are contacting the service. The group has said that debt has become the biggest issue amongst those Huge debts owed by retireesIt has been claimed that many retirees in the UK are having to deal with huge amounts of debt with thousands of pounds outstanding on credit cards and loans. It is claimed that the average Unemployment rises at lower than expected rateRecently released figures have shown that the level of unemployment rises have been lower than expected, adding to the variety of encouraging data that has been seen in a variety of recent report lately. Officials from Older people likely to cut back on spending before younger consumersIt has been claimed that older people in the UK are more likely to curb their spending on things such as credit cards and current accounts than younger consumers. With many people struggling financially, and Rising number of Brits could head to New ZealandWhilst many Brits may have jetted off to New Zealand for a long vacation to enjoy the beauty, natural surroundings, and sights, it has been revealed that many have made their minds up to go Card companies spark debt fears with repayment reductionsMinimum repayment levels of some leading credit cards are set to be reduced.Cards providers have heavily advertised the reductions recently.However, many in the industry are criticising the new offers, saying that the card providers might Rising mortgage arrears in ScotlandRecently released figures have shown that the level of mortgage arrears amongst homeowners in Scotland has been rising. An increasing number of homeowners are struggling to keep on top of their mortgage repayments. The Financial Government advises consumers to be aware of payday loan risksThere have been mixed opinions about payday loans over the past year or so, with these loans being highlighted as a result of the rising number of people that have been turning to them because


Mortgage holders breathe a sigh of relief over base rate

Mortgage holders breathe a sigh of relief over base rate

Many mortgage holders around Britain will be breathing a sigh of relief this week after the Bank of England announced that it was keeping the base interest rate on hold at just 0.5 percent. This is the 22nd month that the base rate has been at this record low, leaving the base rate at the lowest level that it has been in the three century history of the Bank of England.

The Monetary Policy Committee has been under increased pressure from various industry groups because of the soaring rate of inflation, which has rocketed to way above the 2 percent target set by the government. However, the committee has also taken into account the continued fragility of the economy, and has therefore decided to keep the base rate at the level it has been at for nearly two years.

There were no further plans for Quantitative Easing announced following the February meeting, which also came as no surprise to most industry officials. It is not yet known how the decision amongst MPC members was split. However, in the January meeting there were two members that voted for a rate increase and one that wanted to see the QE scheme extended.

A spokesperson for the manufacturing group EEF said: “The MPC is right to hold off on rate rises for now as an increase will do little to alter the path of inflation in the short term, which is being driven higher by commodity prices and tax. The contraction across the economy in the final months of 2010 may well have been a blip, but as the bigger risk now appears to be growth, the MPC should continue to hold steady until the picture becomes clearer and the economy is firmly back on an upward track.”

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Omani police against protesters fire

Omani police against protesters fire

(NewsCore) - SOHAR, Oman - two demonstrators were shot dead with rubber bullets and five others were injured on Sunday as the Omani security forces opened fire on demonstrators who tried to attack a police station, a security official said.

"Two died after being shot with rubber bullets when protesters attempted to storm a police station" 125 kilometers Northwest of Muscat, Sohar, said officer on condition of anonymity.

The demonstrators attempted to attack a police station near of the circle of Earth, where some 250 demonstrators were contains a sit-in, when security forces forced them with tear gas, witnesses said.

The pro-Western Sultanate previously saved much of the wave of unrest that began sweeping the Arab world after the overthrow of Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in a popular uprising.

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Should there be caps on charges for payday loans?

Should there be caps on charges for payday loans?

Payday loans have become increasingly popular over recent years. This is not because they provide great value for money on borrowing or anything along those lines. The reasons for their popularity is clear – they are easily accessible for those that work because no credit check is required, they enable struggling consumers to get the money that they need pretty much right away, and they offer short term loans to tide people over until they get paid, which suits many of those that simply cannot make their monthly wages stretch quite far enough anymore.

The rise in the cost of living, the increase in VAT, cuts in wages, and potential job losses have all taken their toll on consumer finances, and this has left many people unable to make their budget stretch far enough to even afford the basics. Many of these people are turning to finance such as credit cards and overdrafts. Others are turning to payday loans, which come with extortionate APRs but are often the only possible short term solution for those with poor credit.

There are now set to be discussions in the House of Commons with regards to whether increasingly stringent legislation should be brought in with regards to the charges made for credit by payday loan provider and home credit lenders. The House of Commons is set to vote on the backbencher motion later this week. The move comes as consumer prepare for another year of hardship and worry over jobs, benefits, debt, and other financial issues.

It was reported recently that one in every ten people were unable to make their wages stretch for the whole month, and their wages tended to run out on the 20th of each month, leaving them with more than a week without money.

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Government advises consumers to be aware of payday loan risksThere have been mixed opinions about payday loans over the past year or so, with these loans being highlighted as a result of the rising number of people that have been turning to them because Debt cycle ‘carries on’ with payday loansRegularly using payday loans to get through until the next paycheque can lead people into a spiral of debt, National Debtline has warned.Spokesperson Beccy Boden Wilks said that payday loans can have high interest rates Payday loans soar due to credit crunchPayday loans have been at the centre of controversy for some time, and this is largely due to the high rate of interest charged by these lenders on an annual basis. However, some have argues Payday loans becoming more popular what hard up borrowersIn the past many people that were hard up and needed to raise some extra cash opted for a credit card or a loan. However, for many consumers these lines have credit have dried up Personal loan rates need to be cappedCalls have been made for the government to put a cap on the interest rates charged on personal loans. This follows research that showed that most consumers in Britain want to see a cap on British turning to overpriced “payday loans,” says expertBritish consumers are increasingly turning to "payday loan" providers, which offer loans at annual percentage rates (APRs) of up to 1,355. The loans, which are popular in the US, pay customers up to £750 into Exercise caution when looking for a non-traditional loanThese days many people are looking to get finance or credit of some sort, but because of the difficult financial climate and the increased caution being exercised by lenders many are finding it increasingly difficult Home credit lenders must make it easier to compare dealsHome credit lenders have recently been targeted by the Competition Commission in the UK, and the industry has been told that it needs to make things easier for consumers in the UK when it comes


New clashes entered eruption in Tunisian protests

New clashes entered eruption in Tunisian protests

(NewsCore) forces of security - Tunisia - and anti-government protesters clashed in the Tunisian capital Sunday, with the police firing tear gas and warning shots to disperse young people of stones, a third day of violence.

Security forces have taken steps to stop the demonstrators, who were chanting anti-Government slogans, you arrive at the Ministry of the interior.

Rampaging youth threw rocks in buildings to break Windows and it threw up barricades to prevent police who could not disperse them with tear gas and warning shots.

Three people were killed Saturday when a protest against the Tunisia Government turned violent as riot police and masked police dressed in civilian fired warning shots and tear-gas hundreds of demonstrators.

Demonstrators demand the withdrawal of the provisional Government of members of the regime of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, whose fall January 14 weeks of protests caused similar uprisings in the Arab world.

The Ministry of the interior said the three who died on Saturday were among a dozen injured, with several members of security forces also injured in the clashes.

More than 100 people were arrested after his participation in riots on Saturday, as they were 88 people following a demonstration on Friday, he said.

The Ministry violence blamed "agitators" who alleged infiltradas of peaceful demonstrators.

The largest of several demonstrations against the Transitional Authority, about 100,000 demonstrators marched through main avenue capital of the Friday shouting slogans, even against first Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi, who was in the Government of Ben Ali.

Clashes left 21 injured policemen and three police stations, damaged, said the Ministry of the interior.

In response to the growing protests, the interim Government announced on Friday that held elections in July.

Ben Ali fall after 23 years in power caused similar uprisings against rulers for a long time in the region, including one that led to the fall of the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, February 11.

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More people rush to fix their mortgages

More people rush to fix their mortgages

It has been announced that a rising number of homeowners are rushing to fix their mortgage rates amidst fears that the base interest rate could shoot up over the course of this year. With inflation having rocketed to nearly double the target set by the government there are concerns that the base rate will have to be increased in order to bring inflation down to a more acceptable level.

With the speculation and rumours over when the base rate will increase many homeowners with variable rate mortgages are now getting concerned, and are flocking to try and get their mortgage rates fixed. As a result of this surge in demand many lenders have been pulling their cheapest deals and replacing them with more expensive ones.

There are concerns that inflation is set to soar even higher, and the shocking increase in the cost of living has sparked panic amongst homeowners who are now worried that interest rate increases are set to send repayments rocketing. Some economists expect inflation to rise to a staggering 5 percent within a matter of months, which would force the Bank of England and the Monetary Policy Committee to start increased interest rates. This would then impact on repayments on mortgages, and could tip many homeowners over the financial edge.

One mortgage broker said: ‘People will rush to fix because they’ve probably been worrying about interest rates for a while. It is inevitable that more people will fix because rates are expected to start rising.’

Around two thirds of homeowners currently have variable rate mortgages. However, a fixed rate mortgage offers the security of static repayments for the period of the fixed term, which will remain the same even if interest rates increase.

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People ‘to spend less on insurance’Consumers are hoping to reduce their spending on insurance products, research suggests.Among consumers who buy insurance through price comparison sites, 26 per cent are looking to reduce their insurance spending, according to the survey commissioned Demand for five-year mortgages expected to growThe number of homeowners looking for longer-term fixed mortgage deals is set to rocket, a leading bank has reported.Research by Abbey Mortgage Index has shown that buyers seeking a fixed deal lasting five years have Rate cut could benefit many homeownersThe latest interest rate cut, which was announced after the February 2008 Monetary Policy Committee meeting, could benefit many homeowners according to recent reports. This comes after nine out of the ten top mortgage providers Don’t rush in to long term fixed rate dealGordon Brown's new cabinet has been pushing the issue of longer term fixed rate mortgages in the light of decreased affordability across the housing sector in the UK, and in response to this a number Rush on remortgages amidst fear of rate risesJuly of this year saw over a billion pounds worth of mortgages being taken out each day with many homeowners deciding to remortgage amidst fears that that interest rates would continue to rise following five Rush on remortgages amidst fear of rate risesJuly of this year saw over a billion pounds worth of mortgages being taken out each day with many homeowners deciding to remortgage amidst fears that that interest rates would continue to rise following five Get ready for sale timeWhilst many of us may still be thinking about the forthcoming Christmas and New Year period, which is fast approaching, there are also many people that will be thinking ahead to the January sales, which Scottish house prices growThose of you considering taking out a mortgage on a property in Scotland may want to act quickly after prices in the country recently spiked.Figures from Lloyds TSB Scotland show that house prices in Aberdeen,


Nurse Ghadafi returns to Ukraine

Nurse Ghadafi returns to Ukraine

(NewsCore) accompanied by nurse - KIEV, Ukraine - "voluptuous" Ukrainian than U.S. diplomatic routinely create ruler Libyan Colonel Moamar Ghadafi returned to their country of origin on Sunday.

Galyna Kolotnytska flew in Kiev, along with more than 120 Ukrainians who were evacuated from the turmoil in Libya, reported the local broadcaster channel 5 News showing clips of an attractive woman in the arrivals hall at the airport of Boryspil in Kiev, who converted from cameras before far introduced by his family.

Daughter of the Kolotnytska said daily international Ukraine that his mother was dismayed by the violence raging in Libya and wanted to return to his suburban residence of Kiev.

"MOM called [Friday]." She says she is in Tripoli, "said Tatyana Kolotnytska." "There is fire, fight and everything else that show on television." She spoke with a calm voice, asked us not to worry and stated that she would be home soon. "

Kolotnytska ceased Libya nine years ago and was one of several nurses Ukrainians surrounding Ghadafi.

"For some reason he not trust Libya women," said Tatyana Kolotnytska.

US diplomatic cables from 2009 that were released by WikiLeaks suggested that Libyan leader was reliant on a team believed that four nurses Ukrainian - and especially in a "Voluptuous Blonde", identified as Galyna Kolotnytska, who "knows their routine" comprise.


Man killed in Philadelphia subway tracks

Man killed in Philadelphia subway tracks

Philadelphia authorities say that a man has struck and killed by a subway train.

Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority officials say the man was in the area of the track from the wide North-South Main Street station line of Susquehanna-Dauphin when he was hit by a train arrives at station just after the 7 a.m. on Sunday.

SEPTA spokeswoman Jerri Williams said that the man had apparently declined in tracks to retrieve an object of some sort.
She says that subway passengers will be by bus around the affected station.


New energy statements failing to make impact

New energy statements failing to make impact

A recent survey that was carried out has suggested that new energy statements that were launched to make the energy market more competitive and improve understanding of payments for consumers are failing to have the desired impact. The survey was carried out by the price comparison service and involved questioning consumers about the new annual energy statements that have been brought in.

However, despite the aims of the annual statements is appears that consumers had either not received the new statements or may have received them but did not realise that they had received them. The statements are supposed to have been delivered to all homes in the UK and are meant to explain the various discounts that are available on different tariffs so that consumers can get the best deal possible on their energy.

Any household that hasn’t yet received one of these statements is due to receive one soon, but many may not even realise that they have received their statement. One industry group has described the statements as a ‘huge undertaking’. Suppliers were told to start sending out the first of these statements by the end of last year by the energy regulator Ofgem. The aim of the statements is to make consumers more aware of their energy use and why they may be paying as much as they are, with the hope of encouraging more competition in the market.

Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy at Uswitch, said: “Annual statements are a linchpin of Ofgem’s push to get the competitive energy market working properly, but consumers clearly do not think they are coming up to scratch. The vast majority of households will have received an annual statement by now, but only 37% recognise that they have done so. The statements appear to be poorly labelled, difficult to understand and do not stand out from ordinary energy bills.”

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Credit card customers urged to check statementsUK payments association Apacs has urged credit card customers to check their statements carefully, as many people are currently guilty of not doing so.According to research by the group, nearly half of all credit card Could energy price cuts be on the way?A consumer campaign group, Consumer Focus, has indicated that there could be energy price cuts on the way as a result of a fall in the cost of wholesale energy. This comes as a result All big six energy firms have now increased pricesEarlier this year the UK's big six energy firms increased the cost of gas and electricity usage, stating that the rising cost of wholesale energy was forcing them to increase costs for customers. With household Gas bills set to rocketAccording to a recent warning from gas bills are set to soar over the coming months for UK families, with annual bills set to rocket from an average of £600 a year to £1000 Fraud warning not being heededMillions of credit card holders in the UK are leaving themselves open to fraud.Despite continual warnings about the dangers of identity theft, many people are not heeding the advice, says Morgan Stanley Consumer Banking.The most Households struggling with winter fuel billsAccording to recent reports there are now many households that are struggling with winter fuel bills as a result of very cold weather coupled with lack of price cuts from energy suppliers. The high energy Energy price increases described as depressingOver recent years there has been a lot of controversy over the amount that customers have been charged for their energy usage in the UK, and whilst prices have gone up and down the UK’s Huge fine for energy firmOne of the UK's big six energy firms received an unexpected Christmas present from the UK's energy regulator, the form of a fine for nearly £2 million for mis-selling its contracts to customers. The


Shapps wants more help for first time buyers

Shapps wants more help for first time buyers

Since the onset of the global financial crisis banks have become increasingly cautious over their lending levels, and many people hoping to purchase a home have suffered as a result, particularly first time buyers who are being told they have to pay huge deposits to even stand a chance of getting a mortgage. Ministers are now concerned that the High Street banking giants are failing to offer loans to first time buyers even if they have excellent credit ratings and history.

In fact, concerns have become so bad that a meeting is being arranged for next month, where senior officials from major lenders will have to answer to ministers with regards to why lending levels are so high. Recent figures released by the British Banker’s Association have shown that mortgage approvals for 2010 fell to their second lowest level in eleven years, with the lowest number of approvals being seen in 2008.

It has been revealed that the Housing Minister, Grant Shapps, will be demanding answers from lenders with regards to why their lending levels are so low, and why they are no lending to first time buyers even if they have perfect credentials. There are concerns that this failure to lend to first time buyers, who are needed to keep the property market buoyant, could have a serious negative impact on the property market in the UK.

Shapps said: “We have to avoid pulling up the housing ladder and cutting off a whole generation of young people who want to buy their own home. We want to do more to help aspiring first-time buyers – the average age of the first-time buyer with no support from their family is now 37, and there are 1.4m households who aspire to own a home but are simply unable to do so because of house prices and mortgage availability. So I’m calling together key figures from across industry to discuss how we can tackle this problem. “This cannot be achieved simply by top-down diktats from Government – there will need to be a unified effort and creative solutions from across the board to make sure we do not lock young people out of the housing market.”

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Are you considering a packaged bank account?

Are you considering a packaged bank account?

January 25, 2011

Finding the right bank account is important for those that want to effectively run their day to day finances smoothly and efficiently. There are a number of different bank account options available to consumers these days, from the standard current account to a basic bank account or a packaged account. You should look into the details of each account and determine which is the most suitable based on your circumstances. This way you can be certain that your bank account will be well suited to your financial needs and personal situation.

One of the types of bank account that is available to consumers these days is called the packaged bank account, and it is known by this name because it comes with a package of benefits that accountholders can take advantage of. Different banks have different names for their packages bank accounts, but essentially they are the same thing with many offering benefits that are pretty standard across the board, although there may be slight variations.

Packaged accounts may be well suited to some people, but not everyone will benefit from this type of account. It really depends on whether you will use the benefits that come with the account. The reasons you need to ensure that you will use the benefits that come with these packages accounts is because you incur a monthly fee for these accounts. You therefore need to make sure that the amount that you save on the services that come with the account will outweigh the amount that you spend on the packaged account over the course of the year.

If you will use several of the benefits offered, and would have otherwise taken out the services yourself anyway on the open market, you may find that the amount you save by getting them as part of the package makes it worth going for the fee-charging packaged account. However, if you are unlikely to use the benefits that are part of the package then you will find that the packaged account could be a waste of money.

If you are considering a packaged bank account you should look into the benefits that you receive so that you can determine whether you will use them and save money before making your decision. Some of the benefits that you may get include car breakdown cover, travel insurance, mobile phone insurance, pet insurance cover, discounts at certain retailers, and a variety of other benefits.

Many people will be leaving HalifaxThe High Street banking giant Halifax has always enjoyed a healthy database of customers, but there is evidence to suggest that a huge number of customers may be leaving the bank because of changes that Halifax mortgage entry fee comes under fireLeading high street lender Halifax has recently come under fire after announcing that it has introduced a mortgage entry fee on its mortgage products amounting to around £245. New borrowers taking out a mortgage will Headline APRs may not be as impressive as they soundConsumers that are falling for glossy ads advertising headline APRs on borrowing are being warned to watch out and act carefully, as the seemingly attractive headline rates offered by some lenders may not be quite What does the banks’ victory mean for you?Last year banking customers, campaigners, and various industry groups in the UK received the news that they thought that they would not hear but had been dreading at the back of their minds. After nearly Staying focussed on your financesWith the financial climate still very turbulent in the UK it has become increasingly important for consumers to keep a tighter reign on their finances. The global financial crisis has already wreaked havoc across the


Financial education vital for younger people

Financial education vital for younger people

February 1, 2011

A group of MPs from different parties have formed an alliance to try and get financial education in schools. The MPs say that this education should be mandatory, and that it could help many younger people to avoid the same financial pitfalls and problems that many people are facing at present. Personal debt problems have soared over the past couple of years, and many are now facing dire problems with their finances.

It is hoped that if the initiative is successful younger people would leave school with a far better grasp on finances and how to manage money. This could help them through many financial challenges in life, and enable them to steer clear of debt and ensure that they have savings. With youngsters these days facing huge difficulties when it comes to things such as student loans or getting a mortgage it is thought that this sort of education has become vital as part of the curriculum.

There are many groups and organisations who are backing the group of MPs, who have formed the All Party Parliamentary Group, which has become the biggest of its kind. Amongst the groups and organisations that are backing the APPG are the Citizen’s Advice Bureau, Which?, and the Personal Finance Education Group.

The APPG stated: “Young people are entering an increasingly complex financial world of store cards, mobile phone tariffs, credit agreements and financial marketing. Through my MP casework, I have seen first-hand the implications for those who have made poor decisions, too often through a lack of understanding. I am passionate that financial education is the best way to equip all young people with the relevant skills to make informed decisions and empower them as consumers. I have been working hard to secure cross-party support to help champion this cause, so the next generation is equipped to confidently address the financial challenges ahead.”

Student LoansLife as a student can be fun, exciting, and very rewarding, and those attending university can look forward to earning a valuable qualification, developing a range of important skills, developing and enhancing their knowledge, and Young homeowners have few DIY skillsThese days, with the property market still experiencing problems, many homeowners who may have been looking to sell their homes have found that the demand for property has dropped, which has reduced their chances of Young would-be tenants getting ripped off onlineIt has been reported that an increasing number of younger people looking for a place to rent are being ripped off online. In fact, according to some officials younger would be tenants are finding themselves Avoid getting into too much debt if you are a studentExperts are warning today’s students to make sure that they do not get themselves into too much debt, and to keep the long term effects of debt in mind when taking on finance whilst at Don’t look upon insolvency or equity as an excuse to get into debtA recent report from the Personal Finance Research Centre has suggested that many people in the UK may be looking upon equity or insolvency opportunities as an excuse to get into high levels of debt,

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Loan rates drop to two year low

Loan rates drop to two year low

January 8, 2011

Over recent years the rate of interest charged on personal loans has been rocketing, even thought the Bank of England base rate has been at its all time low of just 0.5 percent for nearly two years. However, just as speculation has started to increase over when the base interest rate will rise lenders have started reducing the interest that is charged on their mid-range loans.

The rate of interest being charged on loans of between £7500 and £15000 is said to have fallen to the lowest level in over two years, with the last time the rate was as low as it is now being November 2008. This will come as good news for the many people that may be thinking about taking out a personal loan for purposes such as consolidation or to make purchases, as it means that they can enjoy an average rate of as low as 7.3 percent, which is the rate available from banking giant Santander.

A number of lenders have dropped the rates being charged on their £7500-£15000 loans, and this is due to increased competition in the market. However, the interest rates on smaller loans such as £3000 or £5000 is said to have increased in the past two years, which means that some borrowers may find that they are better off taking out a slightly larger loan so that they pay far less in the way of interest.

Some are concerned that the rates are being targeted at existing customers by some lenders.

One official said: ‘It’s welcome news for customers to see loan rates falling at long last and from some of the largest providers in the market. It’s a shame that the rate cutting has, apart from Tesco and M&S Money, been targeted at existing customers only. The other downside is that lower interest rates are not on offer for smaller borrowings, so for anyone looking to borrow a sum of say £2,000 to £3,000, the interest rate will be well into double figures and in some cases pushing 20% APR.’

Drop in insolvency numbersA recent report has shown that the number of people that are being declared insolvent in the UK has fallen across England and Wales. The third quarter of the year saw a drop of 3% Many homeowners at risk of losing their propertiesAccording to a recent report many homeowners will be at risk of losing their homes over the coming year and a half, with over one million set to face the risk of losing their home. NatWest threatened cancer victim with repossessionA household name bank has been accused of being inhuman after it was found that it had threatened a cancer victim with repossession for failure to pay a loan. The seventy year old widow ran Should You Pay Off Your MortgageA mortgage loan is a pretty hefty debt to have hanging over your head. Sometimes mortgages are used to buy that first home or to pay for remodelling, emergencies, or other situations where money is Mortgage lending still on the decreaseAccording to the Bank of England mortgage lending in the UK continues to decline. The Bank of England recently released figures that showed how mortgage lending was still going down in the UK, with around


Will mortgage interest rates increase in 2011?

Will mortgage interest rates increase in 2011?

January 1, 2011

For nearly two years now homeowners across the UK have enjoyed the relief that has come from the base interest rate standing at its all time low level of 0.5 percent. The base rate was reduced by the Labour party when it was still in power in the hope of boosting the economy and consumer confidence, both of which had taken a battering due to the financial crisis and the recession.

When the coalition government came into power it made a lot of sweeping changes, but one thing that it decided to leave well alone was the base rate, which the Monetary Policy Committee continuing to vote to keep it steady each month. As a result of this the base rate has been at its lowest level in over three centuries for nearly two years, and many homeowners on variable rate mortgages have been able to save money on their repayments.

However, all good things must come to an end, and the rock bottom base rate is no exception. Most homeowners have realised that they are now on borrowed time when it comes to interest rates, and many listen out for the Bank of England announcement with bated breath each month hoping that the base rate will not have been increased.

Industry official have already predicted that the base rate will increase this year, and a large number of these industry experts believe that it is most likely going to be in the earlier part of the year that the base rate will rise. Whilst the rate rise initially may not be a huge one, some do expect several increased over the next two years, which means that by the end of 2012 homeowners could be paying far more than they are now on their repayments unless they are on a fixed rate deal.

Some believe that now could be a good time to get a fixed rate deal, so that if and when the base rate does rise there will be no effect on repayments for a specified period of time. There are a number of fixed rate mortgage deals available, and if you think you would struggle to keep up with repayment increases over the next two years it may be worth seeing what is available, and whether you are able to switch to a low fixed rate mortgage before it becomes too late.


Do you check the small print on personal loan agreements?

Do you check the small print on personal loan agreements?

January 27, 2011

Most people are well aware of the importance of comparing the various aspects of personal loans before deciding which loan to take out. It is important for those that are considering a personal loan to look at areas such as the APR, the repayment terms, and the borrowing levels. You also need to make sure that the loan is suited to your needs, so you should make sure that you choose one that you qualify for in terms of eligibility.

However, whilst many people have become far savvier when it comes to hunting out the most appropriate, suitable, and affordable loans many do not realise the importance of checking the small print on the various personal loans that they may be considering. The small print contains some of the most important information about any loan or finance agreement yet it is one of the things that a huge number of people fail to compare or even read when signing a loan agreement.

At this time of year many people may be considering taking out a personal loan, as competition between lenders has been heating up, and a number of lenders have reduced the interest rates being charged on their loans. Cheaper rates on loans won’t last long, and are likely to generate a lot of interest amongst consumers who want a good deal. Whilst the increased competition and lower rates will come as good news for those that want to take out a personal loan, it does mean that choosing between the different loans available may become more confusing.

This is where reading the small print can make a big difference to those that are confused or uncertain over which loan they should take out. The small print provides a lot of important information about matters such as early redemption fees, charges, payment breaks, exclusions and restrictions, and more. Failure to read the small print could result in you paying over the odds over the term of your borrowing, or getting a loan that is not as flexible or suitable as it may appear to be.

You can easily compare the terms and conditions of loans via the Internet, so it is just as easy to compare this important part of an agreement as it is to compare things like the APR, repayment periods etc. It is also just as important to do this, so always take the time to look at the small print before you make your decision.

What to look for when searching for a loanWhilst most people can ill afford to get themselves into debt these days there are still those that will need to take out a loan for one reason or another, whether it is a personal Headline APRs may not be as impressive as they soundConsumers that are falling for glossy ads advertising headline APRs on borrowing are being warned to watch out and act carefully, as the seemingly attractive headline rates offered by some lenders may not be quite Personal loan rates have rocketedOver the years many people have taken out personal loans for all sorts of reasons, and until the onset of the global financial crisis many people were able to low rate personal loans with relative Interest rates on personal loans have been rocketingAccording to a recent report the interest rates on personal loans in the UK have been rocketing over recent months, with consumers now having to pay significantly more for some loans than they would have Bad credit consumers being targeted with high interest loansIn the current financial climate, with the banks in turmoil and lending highly restricted, most are under the impressions that getting any form of finance with a bad credit rating is nigh on impossible. However,


Parents may be offered unsecured loan to help with kids’ deposits

Parents may be offered unsecured loan to help with kids’ deposits

January 17, 2011

These days first time buyers face a tough time when it comes to getting onto the property ladder. Apart from the high property values that they have to contend with there is also the fact that lenders are looking for huge deposits, which most young first time buyers simply don’t have.

In some cases parents are able to help their kids with a deposit, which allows that to get their foot onto the all important first rung of the property ladder. However, there are also parents that would like to help their kids to pay a deposit towards a home but simply don’t have the cash to do so.

One company, Hitachi Capital, thinks it may be able to help. The financial service group has got together with the house builder, Barratt Homes, in order to offer what it believes to be a solution. Some parents may be eligible to borrow £50,000 on an unsecured basis from the lender, which they can then give to their kids to help them with a deposit towards their first home.

However, there have been mixed reviews to the ’solution’ from many consumers, many of whom believe that this is just another scheme by lenders to increase borrowing again in what has become an already fragile financial climate.

One industry official said: “Parents keen to help their children with a deposit, but who don’t have spare cash available, could find this is the solution. The advantage of an unsecured loan is that it is separate from the mortgage, where your own loan-to-value is so important. The loan rate is competitive, plus payments are spread over 12 years. It is good to see innovation in the sector, with developers and lenders working together to find solutions to the problems facing first-time buyers struggling to get on the housing ladder.”

Many older homeowners using equity to help kidsOver the past couple of years many people have found it difficult to get finance of any sorts, from personal loans and credit cards to mortgages, and it appears that the situation is taking its Personal Loans - Secured and Unsecured LoansThere are personal loans available these days for all sorts of purposes, and these loans are all either secured or unsecured. There are many people that will be eligible for either a secured or unsecured Secured or unsecured – which is the best loan option?When it comes to getting a loan there are a number of different options available to consumers, and the main two categories that are available are secured and unsecured loans. These loans are suited to Secured Loans For HomeownersUK loan products fall into two categories: unsecured loans and secured loans. Secured loans are secured on your property which provides security for the lender and some benefits for the borrower. In order to qualify Unsecured Loan OptionsWith a wider range of financial products than ever to choose from these days, consumers in the UK can look forward to finding the perfect solution for their needs and budget when it comes to


More people likely to need debt advice this year

More people likely to need debt advice this year

February 18, 2011

Over the past few years more and more people have fallen into a debt trap, and have been left struggling to try and keep their heads above water financially because of the challenging financial and economic climate that is hitting so many people across the country. The demand for debt advice over the past couple of years has soared, and with a rising number of challenges set to hit consumers this year there are fears that this demand could continue to rise.

A number of industry experts and groups have painted a bleak picture when it comes to personal finances in 2011. Recent reports have suggested that the number of personal insolvencies is set to rocket despite the fact that there was a drop in insolvency numbers if the last three months of last year. The Consumer Credit Counselling Service has also said that it has already seen a surge in the number of people using its online credit counselling tool, and that this demand is likely to increase sharply over the course of this year.

In January around 8591 people are said to have used this online debt counselling tool, and this was twice has many as the previous month. It was also the higher than any month in 2010. Many of those using the service may have been struggling with their Christmas and New Year debts, but there are many other factors that are to affect consumer finances this year, including higher living costs, increased VAT, job losses, and possible interest rate hikes.

Delroy Corinaldi, CCCS External Affairs Director, said: “The next year will be very difficult for many people and I am concerned that those struggling with debt will end up being charged for debt advice because they are unaware that free advice and support is available. I hope that the availability of this free service which can be used at any time online will help prevent people paying for debt advice unnecessarily.”

Use the internet to get debt adviceMany people these days have a lot of debt that they are dealing with, and in the current climate it has become increasingly difficult for those in debt to maintain repayments and make their finances Is the insolvency road about to get busier?Over recent years more and more people have been turning to insolvency in order to escape mounting debt that they can never hope to repay. The past couple of years has seen an increase in Even wealthier borrowers are now struggling to repay their loansA recent report has claimed that suffering severe financial difficulty is no longer a problem that affects only low income consumers. The report shows that financial difficulties are now even hitting homeowners living in fairly Two thirds of equity release advisors not up to scratchIt has been claimed that around two thirds of equity release financial advisors are not up to scratch, and are letting down the many pensioners that are turning to them for advice in the current Tough times ahead for homeownersOfficials from a debt advisory company have stated that following bleak forecasts from the Council of Mortgage Lenders with regards to house price movement homeowners in the UK need to brace themselves for some very

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Consumers should use continued rate cuts to their advantage

Consumers should use continued rate cuts to their advantage

February 2, 2011

Consumers who may be looking for a personal loan are being advised to use personal loan rate cuts to their advantage by ensuring that they compare the options open to them and try to get the best deal. There are a number of lenders, including banks and even supermarkets, that have cut the interest rates on some of their mid-range loans, and this means that consumers could potentially get a far better deal on their borrowing.

At this time of year there are often many people who are thinking about taking out a personal loan. In some cases this is so that they can consolidate their existing debts, including debt that has been accrued on credit cards and overdrafts over the Christmas period. Whilst the Bank of England base rate is still at its all time low of just 0.5 percent the rates being charged on personal loans have been rising.

However, over recent weeks a price war on personal loans appears to have erupted amongst lenders, and this means that those with good credit could find that they are able to cut the amount that they have to pay for their borrowing. The price war has made it essential for people that want to get a good deal on their borrowing to compare a range of loans and lenders before making any commitment. This is something that they can do easily and quickly online.

One industry official said: “With interest rates on some personal loans having come down now could be the ideal time to start looking for a loan. However, consumers need to bear in mind that rates may start to rise again, especially if the bank base rate increases over the next couple of months.”


Gold companies reprimanded by OFT

Gold companies reprimanded by OFT

February 15, 2011

A number of gold buying companies have been issued with a warning from the Office of Fair Trading after it was found that they were treating their customers unfairly. Many people have started selling gold jewellery and items over the past couple of years due to difficulties in getting loans and finance when they need money, and because of the difficult financial climate.

However, an investigation was carried out by the OFT showing that many customers were being forced into taking what had been offered for the jewellery even if they did not believe it was a fair offer. Companies were found to be limiting the amount of time that consumers had to refuse an offer, and by the time they did refuse their jewellery had already been melted down on the assumption that they were accepting.

Five firms are at the receiving end of OFT warnings and have been told to change their practices, and this includes CashMyGold, Cash4Gold and Postal Gold. The companies are said to be working with the OFT in order to improve their practices so that customers are dealt with more fairly. Following the investigation the OFT raised a number of concerns about the companies, and whilst two of the five have closed down the other three are said to be cooperating with the watchdog.

A Cash4Gold spokesperson said: “We have, and will continue to be, clear with our customers as to what they should expect, and appreciate the OFT’s efforts to ensure our competitors adopt some of the same practices that have been part of our service offering from day one. Unlike some other gold buyers who shut up shop, we were pleased to work closely with the OFT to fully resolve all concerns.”

Valuations costing a fortune through mortgage companiesMany mortgage companies are charging fees that are way over the top for valuations according to a recent report, and this is despite the fact that many of the customers are not moving home but Businesses still finding hard to get financeIt has been reported that many businesses in the UK are still finding it very difficult or impossible to get a loan. A survey was recently carried out the results of which showed that over Car LoansHaving to put up with an unreliable vehicle that keeps letting you down and costing you money can be very distressing, but for many people the chances of being able to purchase a more reliable More and more people turn to Provident FinancialThe effects of the credit crunch in the UK has made it increasingly difficult for consumers to get finance of any sort, and an increasing number of lenders are taking a firm stand when it One in four buyers pulls out of buying a homeThe situation in the housing market has been going downhill rapidly over recent months, and estate agents have reported very poor sales figures, with many sellers finding it difficult of even impossible to sell their

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Beat the interest rates when it comes to loans

Beat the interest rates when it comes to loans

February 22, 2011

When it comes to taking out a loan we all want to get the best deal possible, and this is something that can save us a lot of money on our monthly repayments as well as on the overall levels of interest that we pay on our borrowing. It is important to seek out the most affordable and suitable deal when it comes to loans, and this can be done by comparing the various loans and lenders on the market to see what they offer in terms of value for money.

When it comes to getting an affordable, good value, suitable loan it is a matter of taking the time to do some research as well as getting the timing right. Over recent months some lenders have reduced the loan rates on their mid-range personal loans, making them better value for money and enabling borrowers to enjoy more competitive deals and rates.

However, this is something that will not last for long, as interest rates are certain to rocket once the base interest rate increases, which it is likely to over the coming months due to the increased pressure placed on the Monetary Policy Committee stemming from rocketing inflation. Many believe that the base rate will increase in around April or May, and this could mark the first of a series of increases for this year.

The base interest rate has been at an all time low of just 0.5 percent for nearly two years, and this is the lowest level it has ever been in the history of the Bank of England, which spans over three hundred years. However, it is unlikely that the base rate can stay at this level for much longer, and with inflation levels now soaring at twice the government’s set target of 2 percent, many believe that the base rate will increase sooner rather than later.

If you are thinking about taking out a loan this year you need to make sure that you do so before the interest rates start to increase later this year, as otherwise you could end up paying far more for your borrowing. When the base rate increases lenders will no doubt act quickly to increase their own interest rates, and this means that you will see both the repayments you have to make and the overall level of interest that you pay increase.

VAT rise saw High Streets bustlingThe few days following Christmas have been extremely busy on the High Streets of the UK, and this is partly down to the fact that VAT is due to increase again from 1st January 2010, Interest rates on personal loans have been rocketingAccording to a recent report the interest rates on personal loans in the UK have been rocketing over recent months, with consumers now having to pay significantly more for some loans than they would have Rise in loan costs due to PPI crackdownAccording to a recent report the ongoing crackdown in relation to Payment Protection Insurance, or PPI, on loans has resulted in an increase in costs and interest rates for those taking out personal loans. Officials Business Loans OverviewWhether you are starting up a new business or you already have a business, the likelihood is that at some point you are going to find yourself in need of some sort of business loan. Secured or unsecured – which is the best loan option?When it comes to getting a loan there are a number of different options available to consumers, and the main two categories that are available are secured and unsecured loans. These loans are suited to


Imposed US sanctions against Libya

Imposed US sanctions against Libya

(NewsCore) - US President Barack Obama on Friday imposed sanctions on Government of Libyan leader Moamar Ghadafi, blocking the sale or transfer of any ownership of Libya of the United States property by saying he was "a serious risk that will be stolen State assets Libya" by Ghadafi, his Government, family and associates.

Obama exercised its power in an Executive, order the seizure of assets and the blocking of any property in the United States Ghadafi or his four sons. Obama said the measures were directed specifically against the Government of Ghadafi and not material wealth of the Libyan people.

"By any measure, Ghadafi Government has violated international standards and decency and accountable," Obama said in a statement.

"These sanctions therefore Government Ghadafi objective while protect assets belonging to the village of Libya."

"[] Find that Colonel Moamar Ghadafi, his Government and close associates have taken extreme measures against the Libya people, including through the use of weapons of war, mercenaries and indiscriminate violence against civil unarmed."

"The previous circumstances, prolonged attacks and the increase in the number of Libyans who seek refuge in other countries of the attacks, has caused a deterioration in the security of Libya and to present a serious risk to its stability, which is an unusual and extraordinary threat to national security and foreign policy of the United States and hereby declare a national emergency to address that threat".

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also welcomed the action by the United Nations Human Rights Council "in the" condemnation of violations of human rights and violence committed by the Libya Government against its own people.

"Strongly support establishment Council an independent Commission of inquiry to investigate such violations to ensure that those responsible accountable", said Clinton.

Clinton said that United States could work to build support suspend Libya Council talks to resume on Saturday a resolution.

"These steps highlight the deep concern of the international community about abuses at Libya, and we urge all Nations to speak with one voice in support of human rights," Clinton added.

"It includes an immediate end to the violence of the Libyan Government against the people of Libya and support for the universal rights of peaceful assembly, freedom of expression and self-determination." "Libya people should be able to determine their own destiny."

The previous Friday, Ghadafi, made a surprise in the green square of Tripoli appearance telling supporters "prepare defend Libya" as the United States announced it had suspended the operations of the Embassy in Tripoli and temporarily withdraw all its employees.

The erratic, unpredictable Ghadafi speaking from the top of a wall in images shown on television State, also stated that arms deposits would be open to his supporters if necessary, AFP reported.

On the demonstrators whose weeks of battles with government troops greatly weakened his yoke onetime in power, promised Ghadafi "we will fight them and beat them."

Taking what was described as a jacket for winter and a Hunter CAP and thrusting his arms in the air and shaking their fists Ghadafi told funny people, "life without dignity has no value, life without green flags has no value." Sing, dance and prepare yourselves.

There were reports of the Friday of fierce fighting in the streets of Tripoli, although any toll of the victim was immediately available. Former Deputy Libya UN Ambassador said that "thousands" had been killed since fighting broke out in the country on February 15.

As the damaged in Libya, spokesman Jay Carney White House announced the suspension of operations of the Embassy in Tripoli from us. The State Department recommends a level left of Istanbul, Turkey, Friday afternoon being American citizens, and Fox News Channel said they included the last remaining Embassy staff.

At the same time a ship chartered with 300 people aboard, including a number of Americans, arrived in Malta after being caught in Tripoli for two days due to rough seas.

With the part East Libya lowest ever control the opposition demonstrators took over the eastern town of Brega and its oil terminal Friday, a staff member who works in the Department of communications for the port of Brega told CNN.

While both, former Deputy an Libya Ambassador, Ibrahim Dabbashi, said Ghadafi Friday was "psychologically unstable" and "has the possibility to choose between being killed or commit suicide."

Dabbashi, who defected from the Government of Tripoli in early this week, also said, "there are already thousands of people have been killed." "We expect more."

In Tripoli, witnesses told CNN intense clashes had erupted in various parts of the city of prayers on Friday afternoon. A witness said they met by security forces in civilian clothes they fired guns at them and then used tear gas in West Tripoli demonstrators

to disperse the crowd.

"We're all in our homes as we are sitting in prison," said a resident of Tripoli on Thursday. "We cannot go out or we eat fire." "We hear bullets."

The eldest son of Ghadafi, Saif al - Islam Ghadafi, in an interview with CNN-Turk, engraving on Friday in Tripoli, television promised that his father never come out.

Asked if Ghadafi has a "Plan B" to stop Libya, his son replied, "we have to Plan, Plan B, Plan c Plan is live and die in Libya." Plan b is live and die in Libya. "Plan c is live and die in Libya".

French President Nicolas Sarkozy became the first world leader to demand without detours the Ghadafi overthrow.

"Must be Mr. Ghadafi," Sarkozy said during a visit to Turkey. "The systematic violence against the Libyan people is unacceptable and will be the subject of investigations and sanctions."


Hunt will they are missing in the earthquake New Zealand

Hunt will they are missing in the earthquake New Zealand

(NewsCore) - a funeral will be held on Monday for an infant killed in the devastating earthquake in Christchurch - one of the first services to proceed in New Zealand as the number of deaths continues to rise.

Officials have announced the official toll 6.3 earthquake on Tuesday stands at 123, with 200 people from over 20 countries are still missing amid the ruins.

Police District Commander Dave Cliff said on Saturday that rescue teams will continue its efforts, specifying buildings Pyne Gould and Canterbury TV as well as the Cathedral of Christchurch between the seats still being sought.

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker talks about destruction, saying that "entire blocks" would be lost but citing his determination to rebuild.

Police Superintendent Russell Gibson told Sky News was found more survivors. "Found days later people in places like Mexico."New Zealand deserves a couple of miracles here, he said.

China rescue workers join team of more than 600, Christchurch City fire service said.

As aftershocks continue to shake the ground, Parker recognized that residents are feeling isolated and stressed its willingness to find people and "work through the tragedy".

"This could be a Saturday and could be that we have not had good news stories that we hoped to find people... but for us is so important a day as the first day, second day, third day", said.

One of those dead five months Baxtor Gowland - who was born in just 13 days after the first great earthquake in Christchurch - be farewelled Monday, reported New Zealand Herald.

Parker, who called for the patience of the city residents struggling without services such as electricity and water, said that the buildings of 1000 that had been registered in the CBD, 60 percent had considered to be safe, 17 percent had been assessed as safe for access, but 20 to 25 per cent had been evacuated and considered unsafe.

In the suburbs, 341 houses had also been declared dangerous to occupation and other 500 only had limited access.

There have been nine replicas in Christchurch since midnight on Friday, local time, the science of GNS, with the largest reported a 4.1 earthquake magnitude that struck at 6: 52 am at a depth of 5.5 miles within three miles of the city.


Hundreds linked to drugs Busted cartels

Hundreds linked to drugs Busted cartels

U.S. officials (AFP) – authorities arrested close to 700 people in a way offensive international led by United States against Mexican drug cartels, said on Friday.

Bombardier - hero fallen operation was launched on Thursday, just over a week after the shooting killed an immigration officer for U.S. in Mexico, with forays into the United States, Colombia, Brazil and Central America.

President Barack Obama meets March 3 in Washington with the Mexican President Felipe Calderón in the midst of growing concerns about the safety of border violence and drugs United States and Mexico showing no sign of abating.

You were 676 arrested Friday afternoon's spokesperson for Marshals Service Alfredo Perez said by telephone from Houston, Texas Mexico State border.

The authorities have confiscated 12 million dollars in cash, 467 kilograms of cocaine, 9.5 kilograms of heroin, around coastal kilograms of marijuana, 282 arms and 94 vehicles, said Pérez.

Jaime Zapata, 32 and a second agent of immigration us and customs enforcement (ICE), came under fire on February 15 to lead in the Mexican State of San Luis Potosí, in a region plagued by drug violence. Zapata died of his wounds.

"This coordinated effort shows that it will not be forgotten Jaime Zapata, special agent ice", said Robert Rutt, special agent in charge of investigations of ice in Houston homeland security.

The Mexican army said Wednesday that captured a suspect, Julian Zapata Espinosa, who was identified as the leader of a group of gunmen to one of the bloodiest criminal gangs in Mexico, los Zetas gang.

Espinosa shoe allegedly confessed to attack but said U.S. agents armoured car was confused with a membership of a rival gang, Mexican media reported.

"While murder is personal to the ice, we're stopping transnational gang members and drug traffickers who have links with cartels Mexican due to their criminal activities and not simply in retaliation," Rutt, said.

In addition to incursions in various States of United States, other operations carried out in Central America, Brazil and Colombia according to the Federal Bureau of investigation.

The murder of U.S. Zapata agent was the first to Mexico from Enrique "kiki" Camarena was abducted, tortured and murdered while he was working undercover for the US drugs application administration 26 years ago.

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Facebook tries to modernize privacy policy

Facebook tries to modernize privacy policy

(Dow Jones) - facing criticism for its policy of convoluted privacy, social networking giant Facebook Inc. said Friday to modernize policy to help users understand it works.

Palo Alto, California-based company noted in a blog that entry you tried "to not change the substance of policy", but said there was "differences" in a version of the draft published at the Web site of the company.

Facebook said that the renewal is based on three basic principles: making policy easier to understand, what visual and interactive for users and focusing it on issues that are most important for users of Facebook.

The company said that many Web sites privacy policies are written for defenders of privacy and regulators and not for people who actually use the Web site.

The company said that "our privacy policy has been criticized as '5,830 words of legal' and 'longer than United States Constitution - without amendments,'". "Okay, you're right." "We agree that the privacy policies can and should be easier to understand."

Facebook said the revised policy provides more detailed explanations envelope, for example, how user information is received and used, how advertisers can focus on ads in members, as well as information that can receive Facebook about plug-ins social users.

Facebook has released what it called "a first attempt" a renewed policy to offer the user a chance to see it earlier in the process of writing as usual. The company said that it would still put the revised policy on its regular process of notice and comment at a later date.

Read more: Wall Street Journal


Use Twitter to help homeless people

Use Twitter to help homeless people

(Canvas staff reports) - Twitter, more and more a tool in the launch of the social revolutions, is now giving voice to the homeless.

Underheard in New York is an effort to help people homeless in New York talk. According to the website of the initiative organizers gave cell phones with unlimited text messaging and Twitter accounts to four men without home, Danny, Derrick, Albert and Charles. They are encouraged to tweet their thoughts, feelings and actions.

In the tweets people can read about their frustrations and experiences, such as Danny search for his daughter, Sarah Monique, he has not seen since the year 2000. You can also listen to fragments of faith.

"My situation homeless is not God's doing," tweeted Derrick, who goes by awitness2011 on Twitter. "Difficulties we have in this life, the good news is that God answers prayer".

United Kingdom Telegraph reported that Rosemary Melchoir, Robert weeks and Willy Wang, recent college graduates who are interning at BBH in TriBeCa, advertising agency he launched the project with $1,000 of the Agency.

Its directive? "Do something good, famous". Motto of the project, his "fight homelessness 140 characters at a time."

"We had the idea of using social media to help the homeless", Melchoir told to the Telegraph. "One of the objectives was to increase interaction between homeless people and the community around them."

The Telegraph said Derrick, identified by the newspaper as Derrick Wiggins tweets over a dozen times a day, including which wish people good night every night.

"Do the best I can do to share my experiences with people who are following me", said.

Organizers stated on the page "about" who believe out these stories is important, and they believe it is one of the best ways that members of the millennial generation who have grown up with social media can make a difference.

It also suggests ways that people can help such as help serve dinner at a local shelter or volunteer tutors homeless trying to get an education. They relate specifically to the rescue mission in New York City, which helps the four tweeters homeless.


Wind, rain causes airport delays

Wind, rain causes airport delays

Due to the thunderstorms and winds, several airports in the Northeast us we were experiencing delays of up to almost three hours on Friday.

National Weather Service issued a notice of wind into force until 11 pm, local time in New York City and its surrounding suburbs in New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island and the lower Hudson Valley.

The adviser said that winds of 15 to 25 mph with gusts up to 55 km/h would be expected in the area, warning that power lines and tree limbs could be given low.

Due to the wind and weather conditions, the International Airport John f. Kennedy and Newark International Airport were experiencing delays of nearly three hours for flights arriving with approximately 6: 45 pm et on Friday, said Federal Administration of aviation (FAA).

Meanwhile, the FAA reported delays of about two hours in the Airport International of New York's LaGuardia Airport, airport Logan of Boston, Philadelphia and the Washington Dulles International Airport.