I paid off my Victoria's Secret balance with cash in-store but it never got posted! Possible cashier theft?

I shopped at Victoria's Secret last November and upon checking out I agreed to opening an Angels credit card account to earn points and rewards. After that transaction completed the cashier mentioned I can pay off the credit card immediately with her so that I wouldn't have to worry about a bill. I ended up paying cash to her and for the exact amount since I tend to carry different denominations of cash and coins. My husband always teases me for always paying everything down to the penny.
I saw the monthly statements mailed to me but I never opened it since I paid it off already. Then I started getting annoying phone calls throughout the day from their collector and found out I am way past due with a few late fees! Worst of all it is now reflected on my hard earned perfect credit!!!!!
I went to the VS store to have them investigate and they found no transaction with the same dollar amount around the same time I checked out. So I think the cashier may have pocketed my cash payment!
I demanded surveillance footage but they said they didnt have access to that and to call some corporate number. The said they will investigate which will take around 5 days. I will be calling this week for an update.
So lesson learned- if you pay your store credit with cash always ask for a reciept! That was my mistake. I don't remember getting a reciept for it but I do remember the cashier becoming excited... excited to have pocketed my hard earned cash and ruining my credit!!
I have a feeling VS will just blow me off and say I never paid and still owe. I am considering hiring an attorney to obtain surveillance footage. I just hope they keep their tapes for over 3 months. I can afford an attorney- I just want my credit fixed!
I am open to suggestions or any similar experiences of this matter. I already know I am at fault for not asking for a 'payoff' reciept. My mission is to hunt down proof that I handed that cash to the cashier. At least I am trying. I have a few other credit cards that have been paid off for years yet I still get monthly statements showing zero balance which is why I ignored their mail. Please refrain from scolding me or leaving obnoxious answers that are unhelpful.
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