How can I get my creditors to remove defaults, so I can remortgage?

I own my flat together with my mum, and now she is looking to remortgage. Last year when she tried to do this, we were turned down from a few creditors, so stuck with the one we had, at a higher interest rate. The reason we were turned down is due to my bad credit rating. I have missed a few payments on my credit cards, as I was actually living off the cards - I had been made redundant from one job, and was almost literally forced to quit the next one (with 2 months in between jobs each time). Now, I had never missed a mortgage payment, which I was told is a good thing, but the credit card defaults are still on my credit report. Now I admit, I am terrible when it comes to money, and trust me, I have been lectured enough about this, so would appreciate genuine advice on how to get out of this situation 'alive'. I got to a stage where I felt I could not afford to keep paying off my cards, as some of them increased their interest rates recently, and I turned for help to various agencies, who promise that 'you will be debt free in no time', by consolidating all your debts, and spreading a very low payment (of £150 I was quoted) between all creditors. Now one of the agencies was a charity CCCS, who are offering help for free, by assessing your income and realistic outgoings (so advising to cut all extras, like cinemas and expensive gym memberships, etc). However, in the process of handing over all my debts to them to handle, I had to ensure I open a new bank account and transfer all direct debits, etc. This all has turned out to be very time consuming and I had incurred even more debt, as I had written to creditors advising them that CCCS would be taking over all matters, but hadn't been paying in the meantime, hence my rating has been damaged even more. Now the other problem is that my mother doesn't know about my financial circumstances, and ideally, I wouldn't want her to. She will be hugely disappointed in me, will probably not speak to me ever again, and in worst case-scenario, she may fall very ill or suffer a heart attack. So, as selfish as it may sound, I wouldn't want her to find out for my sake, as well as her own. The only solution is to improve my credit score ASAP, especially that I have now given up on using a third party to deal with my creditors on my behalf. The question is, how do I get it fixed fast (apart from of course making payments), and how likely are the creditors to agree to remove the default strikes from my credit file, if I ask them nicely and promise to pay, by setting up a direct debit?
Any genuine advice will be much appreciated. Thank you!
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